Get Thin and Lose Weight

31/12/2011 16:03


Are you worried and victim of inferiority complex because of having a fat and irregular body? Do you feel shy because of having a 38" waist while other 90% are thinner than you are normal? If you feel this way then only you are responsible for this feeling but no one else. Because if you really want to lose weight and get thin, slim and skinny, there's nothing difficult with it. All you need to do is to do work a little and hard have a dream and then plan of get thin process.

I was also over weight once. I sincerely did was exercises and I strictly followed my daily routine. Result is that I’m slim, skinny and smart. I feel no shyness when I’m in public places.


My exercises consisted of jogging and a very little of weight lifting. Another important thing is daily routine. People now a day believe that they can just take special diet and that thing will make them thin or they can have a bunch of medicines or drugs and it’s the only way to get thin. But remember, these short cuts will cause severe damage to your internal organs today or some years after and then there will be nothing but to regret.


The only best way is to lose your weight naturally and doing exercise is the only natural way.