Ceramics Tiles



I was just wondering why don’t I share my unpleasant experience with carpet and PVC tiles or vinyl tiles! I thought who don’t I save you from losing your money and make you avoid making wasteful choices ever. 

I renovated my place two years back and changed all of my floor tiles. I chose carpet, wooden tiles and ceramics tiles in by dining room, bed room and TV lounge respectively. But later I came to know that choosing carpet was one of the biggest mistakes I made. Maintenance of carpet is hell difficult than any link of tiles.

Cleaning of carpet is a big problem. We have many potential unfavorable circumstances like unlikely acts by children and carelessness by even some elders. If carpet is spoiled by any way, its cleaning and washing almost impossible. Its not easy to remove it and give it to cleaner for washing whenever you want. I guess you can just do it once a year which is also not easy. On the other hand ceramics tiles and wooden tiles are easy to clean, wash and can even be polished anytime to give them a complete new low. Ceramics tiles are available in vast range of designs which vary from colors to matching your place like kitchen, bathroom and walls. Also, they are available in wide range of prices and quality depending on the prices. Even the cheapest one is much better than carpets.


Durability of carpet tiles as well as wooden tiles is absolutely an incomparable advantage. Wooden tiles can be removed and fixed at another place if you want which means they’re reusable. These are the reason why I always prefer ceramics tiles and wooden tiles rather carpets.