I don't use facebook!

24/04/2012 11:48


Doesn’t it feel awkward to see the changes social network has brought into our lives? It seems like it has become the need of today. There are although many advantages and benefits of social networks. But its disadvantages are more according to some analysts. Beware that here we are considering facebook as it is the only social networking site widely being used now a day. We can say that it is the part of life for many. I’ve seen people so addicted to facebook that we never see their PC without facebook on their screens. They have the habit to hit facebook as soon as they are in front of their machines. All they would do is visiting female’s profile and sending them friend requests despite of the fact that most of the profiles are fake. Teenagers are specially are involved in negative use of social networks. They take is as a tool to find their dates.

Facebook provides great ways to connect to your friends and relatives. One can join the groups and pages of their interest and remain up to date and connected with the relevant community all the time. For businesses, facebook has proved to be a great marketing tool. Almost all the big and small companies are using facebook for promoting their products and services. Also, there is a great feature to get all your pictures online and make your own album of pictures.

But recent change in privacy policy and negative use of facebook has effected it so much that now many people are leaving facebook. While doing the keyword research, I came the aware of the amazing fact that the keyword “how to delete facebook account” has hundreds of thousands of hits on Google. I don’t like to use it because I want to be different from the majority who use facebook for useless purpose. I personally have diverted toward Google Plus and till now it seems great to me.


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