Of course, MBA has been a well recognized degree for many years and there are no doubts with this fact but if you are going just for an MBA, you’ve got now competitive advantage over than thousands of other students who complete their MBA each season and you are ready to face a tough competition in the job industry. But if you plan carefully to be in a good position in the future you have to think about it. And for that only MBA won’t be enough but you should be having some degree like CA, CIMA or ACCA. These are some well recognized finance degree courses and are sure to help you in the future with a guaranteed well position and getting your dream job. 

If you have planned to go for MBA in the future or if you are already doing MBA then here's a very easy and worthy tip for you before you finalize your plans. 


All of us know the importance and value of CA in the financial market. But still all of us don’t go for it? Why? Because CA is very difficult and nearly impossible to clear along with studying for MBA. Instead of doing only CA why not do MBA and ACCA both?

Yes, it’s possible and it’s easy. You can do your MBA and you can also continue your ACCA studies at the same time while sitting at your home. ACCA is quite easier than the CA and CIMA to do with MBA and it’s also worthy. It’s a professional degree and quite sure to support you well in the future. All you need to do is to get registered, paying fee, find study material which is easily available on the internet, review on ACCA Past Papers and get ready to take the exams. If you are a finance student, then ACCA will also be interesting for you. No need to make reports and assignments. Just make the most of this opportunity!



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